Ruminant Nutrition I

Section: Ruminant Nutrition
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Monday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Exhibit Hall B
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Ratio of dietary forage-to-concentrate affect liver and mammary tissue transcriptome in primiparous Holstein dairy cows.
D. P. Bu
Maternal ethyl-cellulose rumen-protected methionine supplementation affects Holstein heifer calf development and growth.
A. S. Alharthi
Effect of pasteurized and non-pasteurized colostrum on the growth performance and development of gastrointestinal tract of calves.
Q. E. Zhang
Modulation of feeding behavior in lactating dairy cows by sweet sensory additives.
M. Blanch
Metabolic changes in rumen fluid from dairy cows in response to heat stress.
D. P. Bu
Impact of ad libitum milk feeding and butyrate supplementation on organ and epithelial growth in the gastrointestinal tract of dairy calves.
D. Frieten
The effect of fermented ammoniated condensed whey supplementation on hyperketonemia incidence in transition dairy cows.
R. C. Oliveira
Prepartum conjugated linoleic acid supplementation on lactation performance and metabolic health in dairy cows.
R. C. Oliveira
Effect of live yeast and a combination of live yeast and calcified seaweed on rumen fermentation.
N. D. Walker
Factors affecting performance responses to supplementation of rumen-protected methionine for dairy cows.
M. A. C. Danes
The use of H-nuclear magnetic resonance (H-NMR) in ewes suffering milk fat depression: Could blood metabolomic differences explain the individual variations?
A. A. K. Salama
Nitrogen utilization in dairy cows fed a corn silage based-diet supplemented with increasing amounts of linseed oil.
F. Hassanat
Effect of Lactobacillus animalis LA-51 and Propionibacterium freudenreichii PF-24 on the total tract digestibility of protein, starch, NDF and on fecal starch concentrations in high-producing cows.
K. E. Nestor Jr.
Gaseous emissions from forages and rumen-cannulated steers: Do ruminants emit nitrous oxide?
K. Gerlach
In vitro post-ruminal digestion of rumen bypass emulsions encapsulated by interfacial crosslinking using polyphenol oxidase from potato tuber peels.
F. Gadeyne
The effect of concentrate supplementation strategy on milk production and rumen fermentation parameters in late-lactation spring-calving grazing dairy cows.
Z. C. McKay
Reduction of aflatoxin transfer into milk of lactating dairy cows with the addition of a commercial clay.
S. C. Allen
Revised representation of urea recycling and ruminal nitrogen metabolism for the Molly cow model.
M. Li
Value of pulp from green protein extraction of grass clover as forage for dairy cows.
V. K. Damborg
Rumen degradability and intestinal digestibility of dry matter and crude protein of wheat and corn dry distillers grains with or without solubles.
K. Nedelkov
Effects of combinations of prilled fatty acids with or without potassium carbonate on fermentation and biohydrogenation intermediates in continuous culture fermenters.
L. E. Koch
Undigested NDF (uNDF240h) excretion in feces of lactating cows: A comparison of multiple time-points, diurnal and 24-hour composite collections.
E. Bonfante
miRNA regulation of the neutrophil transcriptome in response to prepartal energy intake in Holstein cows: an in silico approach.
M. Vailati Riboni
Effects of a rumen-protected lysine product as a source of metabolizable lysine for high-producing dairy compared with porcine blood meal.
S. Polukis
In silico prediction of miRNA activity in the hepatic response to prepartum body condition score and plane of nutrition during the transition period in grazing dairy cows.
M. Vailati Riboni
Pre-weaning and post-weaning performance in dairy calves fed an active dry yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiaeCNCM I-1077).
A. Aguilar
Evaluation of sample preparation methods for the determination of fecal pH in dairy cows.
C. S. Shouse
Bioavailability of AjiPro-L 2G and AjiPro-L 3G using the plasma free lysine dose-response technique.
N. Whitehouse
In vitro investigation of supplementing microalgal protein precipitate material as a source of dietary protein in a dairy diet using continuous cultures.
J.-S. Eun
Is a pelleted feed required in an automated milking system (AMS)?
K. S. Paddick
Lipidomics reveals phosphatidylcholines as candidate biomarkers for metabolic disease.
S. S. Samii
Performance of crossbred Holstein × Zebu cows supplemented with fibrolytic enzyme in diets with different forage levels.
N. Ferreira Junior
Kinetics of trans-10,cis-12 and cis-9,trans-11 conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) transfer to plasma and milk following an abomasal bolus in lactating dairy cows.
K. J. Harvatine
Palmitic acid feeding increases plasma ceramide concentrations in Holstein dairy cows during early lactation.
Z. C. Phipps
Effect of rumen fluid inoculum and substrate on in vitro volatile fatty acid production and fiber digestibility.
R. A. Kohn
Effect of feeding two fat sources varying in palmitic and stearic acid content in mid-lactation dairy cows.
P. Piantoni
Estimation of dry matter intake of individual cows fed in a group setting using common on-farm measurements.
M. E. Iwaniuk
Effects of a starch binding agent on in vitro rumen degradability of corn and sorghum starch.
M. N. T. Shipandeni
Effects of oilseed supplementation on performance, methane emission and nitrogen utilization efficiency of lactating dairy cows.
C. Muñoz
Effect of different physiological stages on plasma adropin, insulin, nonesterified fatty acids, and glucose concentration in lactating dairy cows.
H. M. Edvardsson
Eeffect of different heat processing methods on both morphological changes of starch granules and degradability of barley grain.
S. Shirmohammadi
Effect of parity on grazing behavior of dairy cows grazing oat pastures.
P. Chilibroste
Changes in rumen bacteria communities in continuous cultures fed high and low levels of unsaturated fatty acids with increasing rates of starch degradability.
G. Lascano
In vitro fermentation of Moringa oleifera leaves supplemented in a ruminant diet.
S. Chizonda
Impact of feed restriction-induced negative energy balance on the fatty acid profile of liver lipid fractions of dairy cows.
C. M. Prom
Effect of feeding different levels of total undigested NDF and forage on production responses of lactating dairy cows.
P. Piantoni
Curve-linear relationship between altered carbohydrate traits and rumen and intestinal digestion in dairy cattle in hull-less barley varieties (Hordeum vulgare L.).
P. Yu
Interactions between levels of flaxseed oil and corn grain particle size on milk yield and nutrient digestibility in Jersey cows.
A. F. Brito
Fatty acid challenge increases oxidation and glucose production in a substrate-specific manner in bovine primary hepatocytes.
T. L. Chandler
Nutritive value of common feedstuffs fed to dairy cows measured using the in vitro gas production technique.
K. Mjoun
Effect of RDP:RUP ratio and corn processing on lactation performance, milk quality and efficiency of nutrients utilization in lactating dairy cows.
C. M. M. R. Martins
Impact of dietary starch concentration formulated with two types of corn silage on methane and ammonia emissions in dairy cows.
J. I. Sanchez-Duarte
Forage fiber quality interacts with dietary protein level to determine nitrogen use efficiency.
C. S. Malherbe
Predicting rumen passage rate of NDF fractions in lactating dairy cows.
J. R. R. Dórea
Effect of contrasting predicted residual feed intake on performance and CH4 emission of dairy cows fed 2 levels of forage neutral detergent fiber.
M. Aguerre
Effects of supplementing active dry yeast, a blend of probiotic bacteria, or a combination of both on rumen fermentation profiles and nutrient digestion in continuous rumen fermentors.
Y. Liang
Performance of dairy cows fed conventional sorghum or corn silages compared to brown midrib sorghum silage: A meta-analysis.
J. I. Sanchez-Duarte
Effects of experimental design and protein substitution strategy on production responses to feeding different levels of protein to primiparous dairy cows.
G. I. Zanton
Direct and indirect causal effects of dietary starch on fiber digestibility.
J. R. R. Dórea
Physical characterization of fat supplements highly enriched in palmitic and stearic acid.
R. P. Shepardson
Circulating blood metabolites in early lactation dairy cows fed canola or soybean meals.
S. A. E. Moore
Effect of supplementing rumen-protected methionine pre- and postpartum on milk yield and components of dairy cows during early lactation.
M. L. Stangaferro
Methane mitigation with corn oil and calcium sulfate, responses on whole animal energy and nitrogen balance in dairy cattle consuming reduced-fat distillers grains plus solubles.
J. V. Judy
Calves fed with oregano and green tea extracts alter slightly their blood redox status.
V. Fischer
Effects of a pulse dose of propionate on metabolic response in lactating dairy cows during the postpartum period.
K. M. Kennedy
Milk and methane production in lactating dairy cattle consuming distillers dried grains and solubles or canola meal.
M. A. Myers
Increasing the diet concentrations of fat and hemicellulose on energy utilization and methane production in lactating Jersey cattle.
O. R. Drehmel
Increasing the concentration of linolenic acid in diets fed to Jersey cows in late lactation does not affect methane production.
J. V. Judy
The effects of feeding a high- or low-plane of milk pre-weaning on IGF-1 and IGFBP in dairy heifers.
J. Haisan
Interactions between levels of flaxseed oil and corn grain particle size on milk fatty acid profile in Jersey cows.
A. F. Brito
Replacing conventional or brown midrib corn silage with brown midrib sudangrass silage in the diets of lactating dairy cows.
K. F. Kalscheur
The role of fat in distillers grains and solubles on the rumen bacterial community.
E. Castillo-Lopez
Effects of selected feed additives to improve growth and health of dairy calves.
C. Cortinhas
The effects of varying undigested NDF and physically effective NDF content of fresh cow rations on metabolism in multiparous Holstein cows.
S. E. LaCount
Pre- and post weaning performance and health of dairy calves fed complete pelleted calf starters formulated for three different starch levels.
D. Ziegler
Total fatty acid and rumen unsaturated fatty acid load variation in commercial TMR, forages, and corn grain.
J. P. Goeser
Feeding rumen-protected methionine pre- and postpartum increases milk protein content and yield in early-lactation.
M. Z. Toledo
Effects of temporal supply of propionic acid on feeding behavior of cows in the postpartum period.
G. Maldini
Comparing choline bioavailability of two rumen-protected choline products using milk betaine as a biomarker in the lactating dairy cow.
M. J. de Veth
Effects of supplementation with a combination of palmitic and stearic acids on dry matter intake, milk yield, and component production: a meta-analysis.
M. D. Sellers
Effects of supplementation with calcium salts of palm fatty acid distillate on dry matter intake, milk yield, and component production: A meta-analysis.
T. L. Harris
Replacing ground corn with liquid molasses decreases production performance in dairy cows offered low-starch diets.
A. F. Brito
Effects of supplementation with palmitic acid-enriched fat products on dry matter intake, milk yield, and component production: A meta-analysis.
J. R. Loften
Effect of crude glycerin combined with virginiamycin on rumen metabolism of Nellore bulls fed with finishing diets.
P. de Souza Castagnino
Comparative analysis of bacterial community composition from the different ruminal ecological niche of Alxa Bactrian camel.
J. Zhao
Screening of chemically and physically treated corn stover and soybean meal pellet formulations for in situ digestibility in dairy cows.
B. C. Dooley
The development of methodology for ruminal and colon tissue biopsying of Holstein dairy bull calves during weaning.
J. K. van Niekerk
Functional oils or monensin on milk production and feed efficiency of Holstein cows during the summer.
F. P. Rennó
Extracellular amino acids and lysine to methionine ratio affect cell signaling in mammary epithelial cells.
P. S. Yoder
Milk enterolactone and fatty acid profile in dairy cows offered flaxseed meal and incremental amounts of liquid molasses.
A. F. Brito
Pre-ensiling addition of bacterial inoculant, amylase or both to rehydrated cracked corn.
L. C. Solórzano
Relationship between mineral composition of milk and lactation performance.
A. R. Alfonso-Avila
Effects of pre-ensiling additions of a bacterial inoculant with or without molasses on rehydrated cracked corn fermentation parameters.
L. C. Solórzano
Supplementation of blackberry pomace during the transition phase may improve health and reproductive performance of dairy cows.
K. Swanson
Evaluation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation products on production, metabolism, oxidative stress, and health of transition dairy cows.
K. M. Glosson