Animal Health I

Section: Animal Health
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Monday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Exhibit Hall B
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Effect of CalfAce on performance and health of Holstein dairy calves.
M. Cooney
Effect of lameness on behavioral activity in transition dairy cows.
J. M. Piñeiro
Pre- and postweaning performance and health of dairy calves fed milk replacers supplemented with various additives.
D. Ziegler
Effects of non-digestible saccharides on passive immunoglobulin G transfer and serum immunoglobulin G concentration in newborn calves fed colostrum replacer.
A. Htun
Pre- and postweaning performance and health of dairy calves fed milk replacers supplemented with different strains of direct-fed microbials.
H. Chester-Jones
Effects of Protemace on the performance and small intestinal health of Jersey calves challenged with Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium at 7 day of life.
Y. Liang
Risk factors for retained placenta and metritis in grazing dairy herds.
R. R. Daros
The determination of concentrations of tocopherol isoforms in whole tissues and mitochondria via high-performance liquid chromatography after short-term supplementation in dairy cows.
Y. Qu
Exploring lameness across a lactation through the eyes of a fatty pad.
C. Stambuk
Uterine microbiome, antibiotic resistance genes and virulence factors of metritic treated cows that cure or failed to cure from metritis.
Z. Zhou
Water intake of transported Holstein dairy calves classified as sick or healthy in the first 21 d.
S. Y. Morrison
Economic comparison of ampicillin trihydrate and ceftiofur hydrochloride for treating metritis in dairy cows: A prospective cohort study.
F. S. Lima
Associations of gait score, lying behavior, hygiene, and body condition score between dairy cows with low and high somatic cell counts.
A. Zambelis
Effect of an accelerated growth feeding protocol on the weight gain of Holstein calves under tropical conditions.
N. Navedo-Guzmán
Impact of housing, environment and management on respiratory illness in pre-weaned calves.
L. K. Ferlito
Effects of the addition of electrolyzed water to a footbath solution on digital dermatitis incidence.
H. K. Himmelmann
Management practices and prevalence of bovine respiratory disease in pre-weaned dairy calves in California.
B. M. Karle
Effect of calving stress on feed intake of dairy cows soon after calving.
M. Reshalaitihan
Transgenerational effects of postpartum inflammatory diseases in dairy cows.
M. R. Carvalho
Colostrum mineral concentrations and their association with calcemic status at calving in Jersey cows.
J. Chiozza-Logroño
Association of colostrum Ca concentration at first and second milking with postpartum serum Ca concentration.
J. Chiozza-Logroño
Metabolic and inflammatory changes in blood of lactating Holstein cows induced to subacute ruminal acidosis.
F. Rosa
Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry metabolomic serum signatures indicate global and disease-specific challenges in protein and fatty acid metabolism precede retained placenta in dairy cows.
G. Bobe
Polyphenolic extract from cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) modulates galectin 3 and 9 expression in bovine peripheral blood.
S. Adjei-Fremah
A statewide survey of colostrum management practices on organic dairy farms in Ohio.
L. da Costa
A comparison of hair cortisol concentrations between various sampling sites of the body and blood cortisol in lactating Holstein cows and heifers.
B. W. Kim
Upregulation of nitric oxide synthases and natriuretic peptides in healthy controls compared with pulmonary arterial hypertensive Holstein heifers exposed to chronic hypobaric hypoxia.
S. Ji
Use of calcitriol to reduce subclinical hypocalcemia and improve postpartum health in dairy cows.
A. Vieira-Neto
Comparison of ionized calcium concentrations using an Abaxis Vetscan iSTAT with a Horiba LAQUAtwin ionized calcium meter in dairy cows fed DCAD rations with low, medium, or high concentrations of calcium and challenged with EGTA.
A. P. Prichard
Effect of a single dose of an oral calcium bolus after parturition on plasma calcium concentration, milk production, and culling in Holstein dairy cows.
B. M. Leno
Serum mineral concentrations and their association with calcemic status at calving on multiparous Jersey cows.
A. Valldecabres
Reproductive toxicity of bisphenol A in male New Zealand white rabbits.
M. S. Gulay
Safety evaluation of punicalagin in male New Zealand White rabbits.
H. Karabulut
Subacute bisphenol A toxicity in male New Zealand White rabbits.
M. S. Gulay
Omnigen supplementation during the first 150 days of life decreases the incidence of tick fever in dairy calves.
B. B. Leme