Ruminant Nutrition II

Section: Ruminant Nutrition (posters)
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Exhibit Hall A
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Feeding an amino acid formulated milk replacer.
Bai Yan
Production performance and nitrogen utilization in dairy cows fed low or high crude protein diets containing corn dried distillers grains with solubles and supplemented with Lactivate or ProLak.
Allison V. Stevens
Impact of converting weaned dairy calves from a component-fed to a total mixed ration on growth and nutrient digestibility.
Lucas K. Mitchell
Concentrations of the flavonoids baicalin, baicalein, and wogonin in milk from cows supplemented or not with Scutellaria baicalensis extract during early lactation.
Katie E. Olagaray
Injectable trace minerals (selenium, copper, zinc, and manganese) neither hinder nor improve performance during an aflatoxin challenge in lactating multiparous Holstein cows.
Russell T. Pate
A comparison of mathematical approaches for determining the rate of starch digestion across grains and particle sizes.
Maria N. T. Shipandeni
Effects of lysophospholipids on nitrogen utilization, nutrient digestibility, and production in dairy cows.
Chanhee Lee
The effect of supplementation type on quality and processability parameters of milk from grazing dairy cows in late lactation.
Z. C. McKay
The effect of two new formulas of dietary buffer with a high buffering capacity contained Na or K on performance and metabolism of dairy cows.
S. M. Nasrollahi
Upgrading of yellow wine lees through solid-state fermentation with Candida utilis and Bacillus subtilis.
K. Y. Yao
Effect of grain- or by-product-based concentrate fed with early or late harvested first cut grass silage on dairy cow performance.
Degong Pang
Regression analysis of the relationship between milk de novo synthesized fatty acids, trans-10 C18:1, and milk fat percent using treatment means from the literature.
Cesar I. Matamoros
Impact of various forages and live yeast culture on weaned dairy calf growth and nutrient digestibility.
Lucas K. Mitchell
Evaluation of batch culture incubation methods, NDF degradation, and bacterial FA detection.
Yairanex Roman-Garcia
Crosslinking of protein capsules containing fish oil reduces their disintegration rate in ruminal contents but allows rapid fatty acid release in intestinal proteases.
T. C. Jenkins
Non-linear essential amino acid use efficiency equations for milk amino acid synthesis.
Robin R. White
Estimation of total fatty acid content and composition of feedstuffs for dairy cattle.
V. L. Daley
Effects of crude protein level and rumen degradable:undegradable protein ratios on nitrogen balance and milk production in dairy cows.
Omar I. Santana
Evaluation of a limit feeding strategy with canola or soybean meals on dairy cow performance.
Spencer A. E. Moore
Case study: Comparison of sorghum versus corn distillers grains and its effect in dairy production.
Lauren M. Baker
Effects of branched-chain amino acid supplementation in lactating dairy cows: A meta-analysis.
Anthony J. Kramer
Establishment of an ileal cannulation technique in preweaning Holstein calves: Effects on growth, health, feed intake and characterization of ileal digesta sampling.
Ivan Ansia
Ankom F57 filter bags limit in vitro undigested NDF and gas production for some materials.
Nicole Schlau
Low-density lipoprotein ceramide accrual develops with steatosis, hyperlipidemia, and insulin antagonism during the transition from gestation to lactation.
Amanda N. Davis
Replacing cereal grains starch with non-forage fiber in diets of dairy cows: A meta-analysis.
Juan I. Sanchez-Duarte
A new system of calcium and phosphorus requirements for lactating dairy cows.
Andre S. Oliveira
Effects of partial replacement of corn silage with whole-plant soybean silage on performance of dairy cows.
Francisco P. Rennó
Predicting the concentration and yield of milk fatty acids from diet nutrient composition in dairy cows.
Jonas de Souza
Fatty liver develops with nonuniform changes in hepatic choline-containing sphingomyelins and phosphatidylcholines.
Joseph W. McFadden
Methodological and feed factors affecting measurement of protein A, B, and C fractions, degradation rate, and intestinal digestibility of rumen-undegraded protein.
Douglas M. Liebe
Effect of betaine supplementation on rumen fermentation measures in Holstein dairy cows.
Hao-Che Hung
In situ ruminal dry matter and fiber degradability of distillers dried grains with solubles with varying fat content by lactating dairy cows.
J. L. Anderson
In vitro comparison of Silphium perfoliatum varieties and corn silage.
S. W. Gee
In vitro evaluation of rumen-protected methionine sources.
Hector L. Diaz
Effect of crude glycerin on milk yield and composition in early lactation Gyr × Holstein dairy cows.
Roman Castaneda-Serrano
An evaluation of the Molly cow model predictions of ruminal metabolism and nutrient digestion for dairy and beef diets.
M. Li
Lactation performance and feed efficiency of dairy cows fed freshly ensiled corn silage-based diets with exogenous amylase and protease.
J. L. Anderson
Effect of a prebiotic and essential oil based feed additive on the health and performance of dairy calves housed on Central Texas calf ranches.
Devan M. Paulus Compart
Effects of amino acids on ruminal gas production and fermentation in in vitro batch culture.
Susanna E. Räisänen
Hepatic metabolism of propionate relative to meals for cows in the postpartum period.
Katherine M. Kennedy
Fatty acid digestion in dairy cows fed different fat sources: A meta-analytic approach.
V. L. Daley
Palmitic fatty acid supplementation decreased neutral detergent fiber digestibility in continuous culture fermentors.
Benjamin A. Wenner
Supplementation of sodium butyrate to post-weaned heifer diets: Effects on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and health.
Emily M. Rice
Impact of active dry yeast on production parameters in Friesian × Holstein cows during early lactation.
Ousama AlZahal
Comparison between dietary palmitic and palmitoleic acid effects on milk performance and gene expression of granulosa cells in early lactation cows.
Marguerite Plante-Dube
Milk and components response of dairy cows when supplemented with a rumen protected B vitamins blend during heat stress.
Tanya F. Gressley
Prepartum fatty acid blend alters subsequent reproductive performance.
Aaron Park
Effects of lipopolysaccharide dosing on ruminal bacterial community compositions in a dual-flow continuous culture system.
X. Dai
Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation products increase volatile fatty acid production in an in vitro rumen model on forage samples from five European countries.
Cole Reedy
Impact of Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product (SCFP) on feed intake parameters and lactation performance of transition dairy cattle.
Katie E. Olagaray
Rumen-protected linseed oil supplementation: Energy status.
Jesica Daniela Iorio
Effect of Clostridium butyricum sp. nov. and Pichia kudriavzevii sp. nov. on Holstein milk composition and yield.
Grant Gogul
Evaluation of different fiber contents in solid diets of pre-weaning dairy calves.
Carla M. M. Bittar
Crambe meal can completely replace soybean meal in diets for dairy cows.
Karine C. Alessi
Dietary strategies to optimize milk production and composition of dairy goats fed a high-concentrate diet.
Stephanie Dion
Effects of a novel rumen-undegradable protein source on performance of lactating Holstein cows.
M. I. Rivelli
Effects of source and level of forage neutral detergent fiber on feeding behavior of Holstein and Jersey cows.
Omar I. Santana
Monensin modifies fermentation profile and affects the innate immune response in the rumen.
Erminio Trevisi
Effects of microbial inoculum composition on rumen microbial ecology of dairy calves.
Laura M. Cersosimo
Determination of optimal inclusion level of bioactive Olea europaea extract in promoting secretion of GLP-1 and its effects on growth and health in dairy calves.
Sarah Y. Morrison
Relationship between near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy and in situ fiber-related analyses of corn silage hybrids.
M. T. Harper
Relationships of TMR factors with sorting of prefresh dry period rations and postpartum subclinical ketosis in dairy herds fed anionic diets prepartum.
Allison L. Kerwin
Effects of lysophospholipids on rumen fermentation and bacterial population in dairy cows: In vitro and in vivo.
Inhyuk Kwon
Feed, nitrogen and energy conversion efficiencies of lactating Holstein and Jersey cows fed 2 levels and 2 sources of forage neutral detergent fiber.
M. E. Uddin
Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentaion product supplementation during the periparturient period on rumen pH of dairy cows fed postpartum diets differing in starch content.
Weina Shi
Ruminal protein degradation of faba bean (Vicia faba L. major): Effect of variety and pelleting temperature.
Fadi Hassanat
In vitro assessment of oil releasing extent from calcium salt of fat supplements in different sites of gastrointestinal tract.
Mehdi Dehghan Banadaky
Supplementation of rumen-protected lysine (AjiPro-L) during the close-up dry period affect prepartum feed intake and lactation performance in dairy cows.
Saki Ishimaru
Effects of feeding reduced-fat distillers grains with and without monensin on nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur utilization and excretion in dairy cows.
Dennis L. Morris
In vitro screening of technical lignins for their antifungal activity against fungi isolated from spoiled hay.
Diana C. Reyes
Effects of dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) on acid-base status and DMI in primigravid cows.
Roney Zimpel
d-Lactate metabolism in dairy cows under risk for subacute ruminal acidosis.
Lorenzo E. Hernández-Castellano
Effects of close-up dietary energy level and supplementing rumen protected lysine on blood β-hydroxybutyrate concentration and milk production in transition cow.
Dengpan Bu
Effects of supplementing active dry yeast, a blend of probiotic bacteria, or the combination on the performance and total-tract digestion of growing steers.
Tyler A. Batchelder
Rumen disappearance of carvacrol and anethole in lactating dairy cows.
Joonpyo Oh
A meta-analysis on intestinal digestibility of long-chain fatty acids in lactating dairy cows.
Jonas de Souza
Effect of rumen-protected B vitamins and choline supplementation on feed intake, milk production and liver health of transition dairy cows.
Emma I. Morrison
Production performance in lactating dairy cows fed treated corn stover pelleted with soybean meal or distillers grains.
Kendra L. Ostendorf
Conjugated linoleic acid, but not α-linolenic acid, improved energy balance in dairy cows fed a diet with reduced n-3 fatty acid content during the late lactation and transition period.
Harald M. Hammon
Effect of zearalenone hydrolyase ZenA on zearalenone kinetics in the rumen.
Johannes Faas
Impact of feeding a highly available source of calcium and magnesium on serum concentrations and urinary and excretion in prefresh dairy cattle.
A. T. Byrd
Replacing dietary starch with a combination of sugar and soluble fiber in combination with soybean oil alters fermentation in continuous culture.
Gustavo J. Lascano
Dietary supplementation of Scutellaria baicalensis extract during early lactation decreases milk somatic cells and increases whole lactation milk yield in dairy cattle.
Katie E. Olagaray
Energy partitioning in primiparous Holstein cows with or without grazing pastures in early lactation.
Alejandra Jasinsky
In situ ruminal starch disappearance kinetics of hull-less barley, hulled barley, and corn grains.
Gonzalo Ferreira
Evaluating polyhalite as an anionic source to reduce dietary cation-anion difference and urine pH of prepartum dairy cows.
Gonzalo Ferreira
Rumen fermentation characteristics, microbial ecology and haematological parameters of yearling calves fed Enterolobium cyclocarpum (Jacq.) Griseb. leaf meal-based diets.
Bukola.A. Ayilara
Ruminal escape and duodenal appearance of N-acetyl-l-methionine in lactating dairy cows.
J.-S. Eun
Effects of replacing canola meal with solvent extracted camelina meal on ruminal fermentation in a dual-flow continuous culture system.
Virginia Brandao
Replacing dietary starch with a combination of sugar and soluble fiber in combination with soybean oil alter lactating performance in Holstein dairy cows.
Gustavo J. Lascano
Energy utilization of lactating Jersey cows consuming diets containing hydrolyzed feathermeal.
Paul J. Kononoff
Effects of supplemental β-carotene to lactating Holstein cows on production and rumen fermentation.
Kayla M. Aragona
Variability in urine pH and macro-mineral concentrations in dairy herds from northern Italy.
A. N. Hristov