Production, Management & the Environment I

Section: Production, Management and the Environment
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Monday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Exhibit Hall B
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In vitro modification of metabolic hydrogen production and consumption with methanogenesis inhibitors.
J. Guyader
Is phenotypic residual feed intake associated with feed efficiency, nitrogen use efficiency, urinary nitrogen and methane losses in lactating dairy cows?
F. Sun
Perceptions of climate change by Quebec’s dairy producers.
S. Fournel
Variation in carbon footprint of milk production due to management differences: A whole-farm analysis of 142 dairy farms in Ontario, Canada.
S. Jayasundara
Effects of feeding oscillating dietary rumen-degradable protein (RDP) levels on feed intake, milk production, and nitrogen utilization in dairy cows.
A. Y. Makurumure
Interactions between partial replacement of barley starch with sugars and dietary rumen-degradable protein level on nitrogen utilization and ruminal acidosis in dairy cows.
T. Chambwe
Assessing regional differences in nitrogen losses from US dairy farms using the Integrated Farm Systems Model.
K. F. Reed
Economic and environmental impacts of revised amino acid recommendations on Canadian dairy farms.
S. Binggeli
The effect of adding zeolites to dairy manure compost on ammonia emissions and nitrogen speciation.
M. Chahine
Effects of heat stress, dietary Zn source and mammary inflammation on plasma heat shock protein concentration and gene expression of mammary gland in lactating dairy cows.
R. M. Orellana
A case study to evaluate cooling options in Georgia grazing dairies.
R. M. Orellana
Effects of an evaporative cooling system on reducing heat stress in dairy cattle.
J. R. Johnson
Circulating insulin resistance biomarker lignoceroyl sphingosine is not elevated in Holstein dairy cows in response to heat stress.
J. E. Rico
Seasonality of calving on dairy farms across the United States.
F. C. Ferreira
1H NMR-based blood metabolomics in cold-stressed dairy goats.
A. A. K. Salama
Physiological and lactational responses of dairy goats to cold stress.
A. A. K. Salama
Interaction between level of production and dry period length on subsequent milking performance.
A. Bach
Evaluation of the economically optimal dry period length under four herd constraints.
P. Pattamanont
The association of blood calcium concentration shortly after parturition with metritis and milk production in Holstein dairy cows.
R. C. Neves
Increased serum calcium in dairy cows with oral calcium formate supplementation in the postpartum period.
R. Almeida
Association of milk fatty acids and β-hydroxybutyrate concentrations in postpartum dairy cows.
R. Almeida
Feeding incremental levels of nicotinic acid to prepartum dairy cows increases colostral immunoglobulin concentration.
K. Aragona
Effects of supplemental β-carotene to prepartum dairy cows on colostrum quality and the pre-weaned calf.
K. Aragona
Feeding green tea extracts has minor effects on antioxidant status of dairy cows during the transition period.
V. Fischer