Production, Management, and Environment I

Section: Production, Management and the Environment (posters)
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Monday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Exhibit Hall A
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Assessment of heat and methane production through infrared thermography in mid-lactation dairy cows.
Vivian Fischer
Effect of a combination of natural additives to support milk production without harming the environment.
Guillaume Desrousseaux
Effect of the forest biomass as bedding material on bacterial counts in compost bedded pack for dairy cows.
Lourdes Llonch
Whole-farm economic and environmental impact of feeding strategies to decrease the enteric CH4 emissions on Canadian dairy farms.
Jose Velarde-Guillén
Development of an equation to estimate the enteric methane emissions from Canadian Holstein dairy cows.
Jose Velarde-Guillén
Whole-farm nitrogen and phosphorus balance of intensive dairies in central Mexico.
Omar I. Santana
Comparison of Holstein and Jersey milk production with a new stochastic animal model.
M. Li
An assessment of different modelling strategies to predict milk fatty acid content using Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy.
Gabriel A. Rovere
Use of 3-dimensional camera to predict body weight in pre-weaned dairy calves.
Joao R. R. Dorea
Modeling the effects of heat stress in different zones of Spain and the technical and economic impact of cooling systems.
Oscar R. Espinoza
Using milk somatic cell score to predict of milk yield losses of organic dairy farms in the northeast United States.
A. H. N. Rangel
Characterization of dairy farm management practices for mastitis control by use of multiple correspondence analysis.
Rita Couto Serrenho
Use of a stochastic simulation model to estimate digital dermatitis, sole ulcer, and white line disease cost per case by severity, incidence timing, and parity group in dairy cattle.
Karmella A. Dolecheck
A survey of United States dairy hoof care professionals on costs associated with treatment of hoof diseases.
Karmella A. Dolecheck
A case study on the effect of barn type on milk yield and income over feed cost in commercial dairy farms in Argentina.
F. Bargo