Ruminant Nutrition: Protein and Amino Acid Nutrition I

Section: Ruminant Nutrition (posters)
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Monday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Exhibit Hall A
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Pre- and post-weaning performance and health of dairy calves fed milk replacers formulated with alternative blended protein and fat sources at different levels of protein.
D. Ziegler
Gene expression analysis of milk proteins and fatty acid synthesis genes in goat milk fat fed with linseed and chia oils.
S. Choudhary
Interactions between iodine and protein sources: Effects on milk yield, milk components, and urinary N excretion in Jersey cows.
M. Ghelichkhan
Interactions between iodine and protein sources: Effects on milk iodine and thyroid hormones in Jersey cows.
M. Ghelichkhan
Effect of cobalt source on nutrient digestibility, microbial protein production and efficiency and B12 synthesis in dual-flow continuous culture fermentors—Summary of 4 studies.
K. E. Ritz
Partial replacement of starch and protein sources in dairy cows rations with sustainable feeds: Effects on milk production, rumen health, and digestibility of fiber.
D. Cavallini
Feeding rumen-protected choline to prepartum Holstein cows in negative energy balance increases circulating lipoprotein phosphatidylcholine and triglyceride levels while preventing hepatic triglyceride accrual.
W. A. Myers
Characterization of the very low density lipoprotein lipidome exported from primary bovine hepatocytes supplemented with choline and methionine.
T. L. Chandler
Fast determination of intestinal protein digestibility with vibrational molecular spectroscopic techniques for dairy cows.
P. Yu
Pre- and post-weaning performance and health of dairy calves fed texturized calf starters formulated with a combination of sunflower meal, linseed meal, or soybean meal compared with a starter with multiple protein sources.
D. Ziegler
Effects of the interaction between cow phenotypic milk urea nitrogen and dietary crude protein on milk production responses and efficiency.
P. Letelier
Impact of replacing canola meal with solvent-extracted distillers grain with solubles as a protein source on milk production.
R. Edwards
Effects of a yeast-derived microbial protein supplement on transition dairy cow performance.
G. Mazon
Differential gene expression analysis of the effects of a negative energy and protein balance induced by feed restriction in mid-lactation dairy cows.
I. Ansia
Effects of abomasal infusions of amino acids or glucose on expression of genes during an induced negative energy and protein balance.
I. Ansia
Milk production of organic dairy cattle is influenced by altering supplemental feed protein content.
A. Ayers
Meta-analysis of the effects of prepartum dietary metabolizable protein (MP) on performance of dairy cows.
A. Husnain
In vitro ruminal dry matter degradability and volatile fatty acid and gas production of carinata meal compared with other protein sources.
R. D. Lawrence
Effects of a high-protein corn product on production responses in mid-lactation dairy cows.
W. E. Brown
Assessment of the capacity of certain mycotoxin binders to adsorb amino acids.
S. Calsamiglia
The effect of supplemental amino acids and fatty acids on the yield of milk and milk components of mid- to late-lactation dairy cows.
A. N. Negreiro
Effects of precision essential amino acid formulation on a metabolizable energy basis for lactating dairy cows.
P. A. LaPierre
Rumen-protected methionine supplementation on productive performance and plasma amino acids concentration on early lactation of high-producing dairy cows.
E. Collao-Saenz
Effect of biochanin A on urea and amino acid hydrolysis and bacteria community in rumen.
J. Wang
Effects of rumen-protected amino acids supplementation during prepartum and postpartum periods on performance of transition dairy cows.
C. Lee
Further evaluating the plasma free amino acid dose-response technique as a method to assess the metabolizable methionine contributions of analogues of 2-hydroxy-4-(methylthio)butanoic acid.
N. Whitehouse
Effects of absorbed amino acids on the milk fat yield: A meta-analytic approach.
V. L. Daley
Comparison of two sources and levels of rumen-protected methionine on plasma concentration and mammary clearance of methionine and milk production in dairy cows.
J. Kaufman