Reproduction 2

Section: Reproduction (orals)
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Tuesday 9:30 AM–11:45 AM
Location: Room 263
Chair: Alan Ealy, Virginia Tech
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
9:30 AM
#324 Interaction of estrous expression and progesterone on the impact of GnRH administration at the time of AI on pregnancy and ovulation rates.
T. A. Burnett
9:45 AM
#325 Efficacy of intravaginal administration of prostaglandin F for induction of luteal regression in lactating dairy cows.
M. Masello
10:00 AM
#326 Effects of GnRH and hCG administration during early diestrus on estrous cycle length, expression of estrus, and fertility in lactating dairy cows.
T. O. Cunha
10:15 AM
#327 Effect of progesterone before an Ovsynch-CIDR protocol on fertility in dairy cows with low body condition score.
P. Melendez
10:30 AM
#328 Impact of assisted reproduction techniques on subsequent reproductive performance of dairy heifers and cows.
C. C. Figueiredo
10:45 AM
11:00 AM
#329 Lipidomics of uterine fluid in lactating cows during diestrus.
J. F. W. Spricigo
11:15 AM
#330 Development of a research model to investigate pregnancy-derived endocrine signals in the ovary during maternal recognition of pregnancy in heifers.
J. F. W. Spricigo
11:30 AM
#331 Galectin gene expression in the elongating bovine conceptus.
H. L. Baldwin