Production, Management & the Environment II

Section: Production, Management and the Environment
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Exhibit Hall B
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Effect of culling rates on profitability of dairy herds achieving the same pregnancy rate.
G. M. Schuenemann
Factor screening for prediction of retention-pay offs of dairy cows using standardized regression coefficients, random forests, and the method of elementary effects.
A. Beyi
Prediction of dairy cow retention pay-offs with k-nearest neighbors methods.
A. Beyi
Sources of variation in feed conversion in commercial dairy farms of Argentina.
R. A. Palladino
Effect of stocking rate on feeding strategies and individual milk production of autumn calving grazing dairy cows.
P. Chilibroste
Effect of stocking rate at system level on produced and harvested forage.
P. Chilibroste
Milk yield and somatic cell score of northeastern United States organic dairy farms during the grazing and non-grazing seasons.
J. G. B. Galvao Jr.
Dairy calf management—A comparison of practices and producer attitudes among conventional and organic herds.
J. Pempek
Milk yield distribution within pens in commercial dairy farms.
P. Turiello
Using DHI electronic milk weights to improve farm management.
H. Adams
Improved AMS benchmarking using cluster analysis.
M. Tremblay
Factors associated with increased milk production in automatic milking systems.
M. Tremblay
Estrus detected by activity monitors within 30 DIM is associated with estrus expression and fertility outcomes at first AI in lactating Holstein cows.
A. M. L. Madureira
An evaluation of technology-recorded rumination and feeding behaviors in dairy heifers.
M. A. Myers
A case study of composting process establishment in a new compost bedded pack barn housing lactating dairy cattle.
M. Borchers
Variables associated with milk yield and rumination time of Holstein cows housed in compost bedded pack barns.
J. L. Monge
Factors of cow comfort associated with herd-level reproductive outcomes on Canadian dairy farms.
T. A. Burnett
Relationship between cow cleanliness, locomotion, and bulk tank somatic cell count in southeastern United States dairy farms.
G. Mazon
Evaluation of four on-farm culture plates to identify pathogens associated with mastitis in dairy cows.
J. C. Ferreira
Abortion lactation curves.
M. Piccardi
Relationship between body condition score and serum plasm insulin-to-glucose ratio on embryo production in lactating dairy cows.
T. Leiva
Does a 500-ohm shunt resistor accurately characterize the electrical resistance of adult dairy cattle?
R. Norell
Survey of work processes on German dairy farms.
A. Hesse