Animal Health III

Section: Animal Health
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Tuesday 9:30 AM–12:30 PM
Location: 324
Chair: Matthew Sellers, Milk Specialties Global
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
9:30 AM
#277 Management practices for male calves on Canadian dairy farms .
D. L. Renaud
9:45 AM
#278 Neonatal management factors on dairy farms associated with mortality on veal farms.
D. L. Renaud
10:00 AM
#279 Aluminized reflective covers: Effect on calf behavior, health, and performance during summer.
D. Manriquez
10:15 AM
#280 Associations of management practices and calf health on dairy farms using automated milk feeders in southern Ontario.
C. Medrano-Galarza
10:30 AM
#281 Factors associated with veal calf morbidity on an Ontario grain-fed (red) veal operation.
K. Scott
10:45 AM
#282 Behavior activity detected via 3D acceleration before diarrhea events in neonatal dairy calves.
J. F. Castillo
11:00 AM
#283 Real time determination of immunoglobulins levels in colostrum by using on-line computerized a herd management system.
G. Katz
11:15 AM
#284 Validation of commercial luminometry swabs for enumeration of total bacteria and coliform counts in colostrum feeding equipment.
D. L. Renaud
11:30 AM
#285 Fresh cow illness detection using productivity and behavioral data in robotic milking herds.
M. T. M. King
11:45 AM
#286 Comparison of Johne’s disease prevalence on organic and conventional dairy farms in Pennsylvania.
M.-E. Fecteau
12:00 PM
#287 Dry cow treatment, antimicrobial residues in colostrum, and resistance in new born calves.
A. G. J. Velthuis
12:15 PM
#288 Lameness on Canadian dairy farms: Measured and farmer-perceived prevalence, and associations with management practices.
S. L. Croyle