Production, Management and the Environment 1

Section: Production, Management and the Environment (posters)
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Day/Time: Monday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Exhibit Hall A
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Daily data characteristics of automatic milking system in free-flow farms in the Upper Midwest.
M. Peiter
The association between robot time budget and milk production per robot in free-flow automatic milking system dairy farms.
M. Peiter
The association between milking interval and milk production per visit, milk fat, and milk protein of cows housed in free-flow automated milking system farms.
M. Peiter
Updating Holstein and Jersey lactation curve parameters for the Rumination Farm System Model (RuFaS).
M. Li
Modelling evaporation of water from a bedded pack using random forest regression.
M. Barbari
Milk yield in pasture-based automatic milking systems is negatively affected by variability in concentrate fed in the robot.
N. Lyons
Interactions among pregnancy rate, turnover ratio, and herd structure.
W. Li
Comparing multiple regression with two machine learning methods in a case study predicting individual survival to second lactation in Holstein cattle.
E. M. M. van der Heide
Potential for artificial neural network application to predict the fatty acid content of feedstuffs using near-infrared spectroscopy.
J. R. R. Dorea
The use of integrated data to identify first-lactation cows at high risk of clinical mastitis.
V. E. Cabrera
Validation of on-farm milk leukocyte differential tester to identify subclinical mastitis in dairy cows.
D. Nolan
Effect of OmniGen-AF feeding during the dry period and early lactation on performance and health in cows.
L. T. Casarotto
Use of the Integrated Farm System Model to determine economic and environmental impacts of double cropping winter annuals with corn.
R. Goodling
Effect of different water source manner on performance and social behavior of dairy calves after weaning.
J. Broucek
Association between age at first calving and productive performance in Argentinian dairy herds.
P. Turiello
Effect of fan and showering on physiological responses and reproductive performance of Holstein Friesian bulls during subtropical summer.
M. Q. Shahid