Ruminant Nutrition 2: Protein and Amino Acid II

Section: Ruminant Nutrition (orals)
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Monday 2:00 PM–5:30 PM
Location: Junior Ballroom D
Chair: Mark Hanigan, Virginia Tech
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
2:00 PM
#233 Effect of dietary forage source and rumen undegradable protein on growth and nutrient use in dairy heifers.
E. E. Corea-Guillén
2:15 PM
#234 Quantifying the relation between diet branched-chain AA and production responses: A meta-analysis.
Y. Roman-Garcia
2:30 PM
#235 Effects of feeding floury and brown midrib whole-plant corn silage varieties from corn treated with foliar fungicide to lactating Holstein cows on nitrogen utilization.
L. J. Wente
2:45 PM
#236 Nitrogen partitioning and microbial protein synthesis in lactating dairy cows with different residual feed intake.
Y. Y. Xie
3:00 PM
#237 Effects of rumen-protected methionine fed during a heat stress challenge on physiological and production parameters of lactating Holstein cows.
R. T. Pate
3:15 PM
#238 Effects of dietary nitrogen levels on the expression of urea transporter mRNA in liver and rumen epithelium of 5 months old Holstein calves.
X. X. Gong
3:30 PM
Afternoon Break
4:00 PM
#239 Effects of dietary starch level and rumen-protected AA on milk production and plasma AA concentration in dairy cows.
Y. Zang
4:15 PM
#240 Effects of dietary inclusion of hydroponic barley grass on the performance of dairy cows when fed two protein levels.
D. P. Bu
4:30 PM
#241 Sources of variation in milk yield, milk fat, and protein responses to exogenous feed enzymes.
I. Lean
4:45 PM
#242 l-Glutamine improves weight gain and starter intake in Holstein heifer calves weaned early from a high volume of milk.
H. K. J. P. Wickramasinghe
5:00 PM
#243 Effects of dietary addition of N-carbamoylglutamate on milk compositions in mid-lactating dairy cows.
F. F. Gu
5:15 PM
#244 Effect of N-acetyl-l-methionine supplementation on lactation performance and plasma variables in mid-lactating dairy cows.
S. L. Liang