Physiology & Endocrinology I

Section: Physiology and Endocrinology
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Monday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Exhibit Hall B
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Evaluating effects of mastitis and ketosis risks on reproductive parameters using indicators from an automated in-line milk analysis system.
T. C. Bruinje
Development of a model to study mammary gland function during heat stress.
Ri. O. Rodrigues
Relationship between blood urea nitrogen near the time of AI and fertility of lactating Holstein cows.
P. D. Carvalho
Post-weaning calf hepatic gene expression in response to maternal feeding with methyl donors pre-partum.
C. Bespalhok Jacometo
Efficacy of an activity monitoring system to detect estrous activity in nulliparous Holstein heifers after synchronization of estrus using PGF.
P. D. Carvalho
Effects of feeding a rumen-protected methionine on plasma amino acid concentrations, glandular morphology, and immunolabeling in the bovine endometrium.
S. L. Stella
Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation products on ovarian and uterine characteristics.
S. L. Stella
Energy and protein metabolism during induced negative energy balance in mid-lactation dairy cows.
I. Ansia
Effects of rain exposure on environmental conditions and vaginal temperature of Criollo dairy cows in Dominican Republic.
H. L. Sánchez-Rodríguez
Effects of chronic lipopolysaccharide infusion on immune cell dynamics and the acute phase response in lactating cows.
E. A. Horst
mRNA expression of 11bHSD1 and 17bHSD12 in adipose tissue of dairy cows with high and normal body condition score.
K. Schuh
Additional small dose of prostaglandin F at timed AI fails to improve pregnancy per AI in lactating dairy cows.
J. A. Sauls
Effect of addition of l-carnitine during culture on pregnancy rate obtained after transfer of cryopreserved bovine embryos produced in vitro.
A. Zolini
A resynchronization of ovulation strategy based on the ovarian structures present at non-pregnancy diagnosis reduced time to pregnancy in lactating dairy cows.
R. Wijma
Adipose tissue remodeling in transition dairy cows is affected by body condition score and lipolysis intensity.
G. A. Contreras
Coordination of adipose tissue lipolysis during the transition period in dairy cows.
S. J. Erb
Expression of corticosteroidogenic metabolizing enzymes in adipose tissue of dairy cows with high and normal body condition score.
K. Schuh
Chronic lipopolysaccharide infusion reduces productivity in lactating dairy cows.
M. J. Dickson
Effect of adiposity on localized and systemic insulin sensitivity in periparturient Holstein dairy cows.
A. N. Davis
Impact of milk yield genotype and stress on accumulative cortisol concentrations in hair from Holstein cows.
W. A. Smith
Effect of the intrauterine dextrose infusion at non-pregnancy diagnosis on fertility of lactating dairy cows.
S. Bas
Metabolic responses to a glucose tolerance test and epinephrine challenge during continuous lipopolysaccharide infusion in lactating cows.
S. K. Kvidera
Slick-haired Puerto Rican Holstein cows have larger sweat glands than their wild type-haired counterparts.
Z. E. Contreras-Correa
Interaction of pre-calving DCAD diet and serotonin infusions on pre and post calving energy markers in multiparous Holstein cows.
A. A. Cheng
Some factors affecting the response of treatment with novel hormonal protocols in anestrus water buffaloes.
B. Devkota
Arteriovenous blood metabolomics: An efficient method to determine the key metabolic pathway for milk synthesis in intra-mammary gland.
B. Wang