Dairy Foods VI: Dairy Ingredients

Section: Dairy Foods
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Exhibit Hall B
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Comparative environmental impact analysis of distilled whey spirit and white whiskey production.
L. Goddik
Utilizing acid whey in the beer brewing process.
M. R. Lawton
Production of whey protein-maltodextrin conjugates at a pilot plant scale.
Y. Lu
Mycobiota and natural incidence of aflatoxin M1 in milk based dietary supplements.
L. Keller
Low temperature forward osmosis concentration of skim milk: Process efficiency and product quality.
K. Kriner
Edible electrospun nanofibers from caseinate and pullulan blends.
S. Akkurt
Delactosed milk powder: Determination of the optimal drying parameters.
A. F. Carvalho
The physical and chemical effect of thermal processing on high- and low-heat nonfat dry milk set yogurt.
S. Brooks
Preliminary studies on heat stability of high protein dairy beverages containing modified milk protein concentrate.
K. Pandalaneni
Development of the method for the determination of the undenatured whey proteins in milk powder products.
Z. Zhao
Effect of sonication on viscosity of reconstituted SMP and MPC as influenced by solids content.
V. Deshpande
Determination of the appropriate emulsion formulation for microencapsulated milk fat powder production.
Z. Erbay