Ruminant Nutrition II

Section: Ruminant Nutrition
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 8:00 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Exhibit Hall B
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Partial replacement of maize meal and molasses for cracked maize in supplements of grazing dual-purpose cows during the dry season.
B. Albarrán-Portillo
Effects of supplementary folic acid and vitamin B12 on glucose and insulin responses of fed-restricted dairy cows to an intravenous glucose tolerance test.
C. L. Girard
Evaluation of rumen degradability and intestinal digestibility of canola meal.
A. Rouissi
Effects of straw processing and pen stocking density on Holstein dairy heifers: 1. Growth and sorting behaviors.
W. K. Coblentz
Effects of straw processing and pen stocking density on Holstein dairy heifers: 2. Behavior and hygiene.
W. K. Coblentz
Effect of feeding increasing amounts of beet pulp on weaned calf performance and digestion.
T. S. Dennis
Effects of previous milk replacer feeding program on calf performance and digestion through 4 months of age.
T. S. Dennis
Effects of milk replacer feeding rate and age at weaning on calf performance and digestion through 8 weeks of age.
T. S. Dennis
Impact of tannins and grazing schedule on nitrogen partitioning in lactating dairy cows.
C. A. Pozo
Lactational performance and energy partitioning of dairy cows fed with N-acetyl-l-methionine as a source of rumen-protected methionine during mid to late lactation.
J.-S. Eun
Effects of drying procedures of milk, urine, and fecal samples on nitrogen losses and its effects on nitrogen secretion and excretion in dairy cows.
D. L. Morris
Effect of top dressing plant extracts in early lactating Holstein cow: milk yield, milk composition, plasma lipomobilization indicators and body condition score.
B. C. Cadudal
Effects of lactose and sucrose with varying starch and rumen degradable protein concentrations on ruminal fermentation in vitro.
E. L. Sorge
In vitro disappearance fails to predict extent of ruminal and total tract digestion of NDF and starch from corn silage diets by growing Holstein heifers.
F. N. Owens
Could diet composition modulate concentration of vitamin B12 in milk?
M. Duplessis
Effects of protein and forage sources on milk production, rumen parameters and intestinal digestibility in lactating dairy cows.
H. Lapierre
Dietary camelina cake changes the ruminal bacterial community compositions in a dual-flow continuous culture system.
X. Dai
First-lactation performance of Holstein cows fed milk replacer or pasteurized or raw non-saleable milk as preweaning heifers.
M. Garcia
Enriching bovine milk fat with α-linolenic acid, an n-3 fatty acid, through feeding of a rumen-protected flax-based supplement.
H. Peterson
Determination of the bioavailability of lysine in the latest generation of a rumen-protected lysine product exposed to TMR using the in vivo plasma lysine response method.
C. S. Ballard
Characteristics of a rumen-protected lysine product. 1: Bioavailability of the third-generation AjiPro-L.
M. Miura
Characteristics of a rumen protected lysine product. 2: Handling properties of the third-generation AjiPro-L in feeding practices.
M. Miura
Impact of tannins and grazing schedule on ruminal inoculum activity of dairy cows: Evaluation using the in vitro gas-production technique.
C. A. Pozo
Evaluation of starter intake in Holstein calves during weaning using blood β-hydroxybutyrate concentrations measured with a handheld meter.
R. A. Molano
Effect of cinnamaldehyde on feed intake, rumen fermentation, nutrient digestibility, and milk components in lactating dairy cows.
C. Chapman
Effect of dietary supplementation of two forms of B-vitamins on growth and efficiency of Holstein calves from 3 to 13 weeks of age.
R. A. Molano
Effect of dry matter intake (DMI) on N metabolism and urea kinetics in lactating dairy cows.
D. R. Ouellet
Effects of forage level and site of starch digestion on N utilization and in vitro urea flux across the ovine ruminal, duodenal, and cecal epithelia.
K. Scott
Effect of prepartum nonesterified fatty acids on milk yield and first postpartum ovulation in multiparous Holstein dairy cows.
A. E. Relling
Effects of different physical starter forms on health, growth, rumen parameters and selected blood metabolites in dairy calves.
D. P. Bu
Comparative effects of different forms of flax seed and oil on milk yield and composition in dairy cows: A meta-analysis.
M. Leduc
Effect of replacing alfalfa hay with triticale hay on milk production and nitrogen metabolism in dairy cows.
O. Santana
Comparative effects of chitosan supplementation on nutrient intake and digestibility of Holstein steers.
A. Pause
Relative reticulo-rumen pH indicators for subacute ruminal acidosis detection in dairy cows.
C. Villot
Omnigen-AF improves milk yield and composition of grazing dairy cows under a semi-intensive management.
A. Pause
Yeast-based supplements as an efficient peri-parturient solution on performance and health status of dairy cows.
Y. Huang
The effect of inclusion of soybean meal or canola meal or an excess of rumen-degradable protein on N metabolism in dairy cows fed grass silage-based diets.
C. Roy
Health, milk yield and milk quality records evaluated in 76 European dairy farms before and during OmniGen-AF supplementation to dry and lactating cows.
R. Garcia-Gonzalez
Gene expression of some hepatic gluconeogenic and fatty acid metabolism in early lactation dairy cows as affected by dietary starch and monensin supplementation.
M. M. McCarthy
Original XPC and NutriTek increase volatile fatty acid production in an in vitro rumen microbial model using TMR diets from various US regions.
T. Kwan
Monitoring ketosis in a commercial Holstein and Jersey herd.
K. E. Mitchell
Effects of spray-dried plasma product on transition and early lactation dairy cows.
C. Lee
Effect of source and pelleting on protein degradation of dried distillers grains with solubles.
A. Carpenter
Effects of spray-dried plasma product supplementation on transition and lactation on milk production and reproduction in dairy cows.
A. Bach
Performance response of dairy cattle supplemented with a fungal-derived extract from Trichoderma reesei.
A. Bach
Consequences of supplying methyl donors during pregnancy on the methylome of the offspring from lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle.
A. Bach
Relationship of NDFD24 and uNDF240 to NDF components and the impact of maturity on predicted digestible energy of corn plants harvested at silage maturity.
F. N. Owens
The time of wheat straw inclusion affects weaning weight and average daily gain in Holstein calves.
R. A. Patton
Effect of diet supplementation with probiotic Pediococcus acidilactici or Bacillus subtilis on milk production and ruminal pH in dairy cattle.
A. D. Thomas
Amount of milk replacer offered to female Holstein calves during first eight weeks of life: Effect on ruminal pH and diet digestibility in pre and post weaning weeks.
C. Cajarville
Microbial community structure of conventional and brown midrib corns ensiled at low dry matter concentrations with and without a combo inoculant.
J. J. Romero
Inclusion of canola meal increases milk response in partial mixed rations and grain mixes fed to grazing cows.
M. Auldist
Effect of crude glycerin combined with virginiamycin on performance and fatty acid profile of Longissimus muscle of Nellore bulls fed with finishing diets.
P. S. Castagnino
Metabolic responses in biofluid and feces of dairy cows fed different ratio of dietary neutral detergent fiber to starch.
D. P. Bu
Effects of different sources of dietary zinc on growth performance and incidence of diarrhea of newborn calves.
D. P. Bu
Effects of limit-feeding forage to concentrate ratios on nutrients intake, rumination, ruminal fermentation, digestibility, and growth in Holstein heifers.
S. Ji
Hydroxy-selenomethionine: A novel organic selenium source for mid-lactation dairy cows improving antioxidant status and selenium concentrations in milk and plasma.
D. P. Bu
Supplementation of lactating dairy cows with strains of live yeast during summer.
M. N. Pereira
Evaluation of acidified milk for feeding dairy calves in tropical climates.
F. L. M. Silva
Supplementation to late lactation dairy cows during summer with dead yeast culture.
M. N. Pereira
Effect of acetic acid or sodium acetate infused into the abomasum or rumen on feeding behavior and metabolic response of postpartum cows.
L. B. Gualdrón-Duarte
Original XPC and NutriTek increase volatile fatty acid production in an in vitro rumen model on forage samples from various global regions.
C. Reedy
Supplementation of grazing cows with a blend of essential oils and capsaicin or monensin.
M. N. Pereira
Supplementation of lactating cows with a blend of essential oils and capsaicin or monensin: Performance and digestion.
M. N. Pereira
Supplementation of lactating cows with a blend of essencial oils or monensin: Thermoregulation and blood variables.
M. N. Pereira
Production effects of phytonutrients alone or in combination with yeast culture in lactating dairy cows.
J. Oh
Effect of an abomasal amylase administration on postruminal starch digestion in heifers.
A. Tröscher
Effect of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae-based direct-fed microbial product and an enzyme extract from Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus niger on productivity and enteric gas emission in lactating dairy cows.
J. Oh
Ad libitum milk feeding and butyrate supplementation differently affect the somatotropic axis in dairy calves.
D. Frieten
Effect of sodium acetate supplementation on in vitro production of volatile fatty acids and gases.
L. M. Judd
Faba bean (Vicia faba L. major) inclusion in dairy cow diets: Effect on enteric methane production and milk performance.
C. Cherif
Effect of phytogenic feed supplements added to starter grain on weight gain and rumen development in Holstein calves.
A. Johnson
Fava bean (Vicia faba L. major) inclusion in dairy cow diets: Effects on nitrogen utilization.
C. Cherif
Evaluation of different liquid diets associated with environmental enrichment for dairy calves.
C. M. M. Bittar
Metabolic profile, feeding behavior and production responses of lactating dairy cows supplemented with a combination of osmolite feed ingredients (I.C.E.) and submitted to high temperature and humidity environment.
E. Schmitt
Effects of an immunomodulatory feed additive on health, blood metabolites, milk composition, and milk quality in multiparous transition Holstein cows.
Z. Cao
C16:0 supplementation alters markers of adipose tissue lipolysis and inflammation in early lactation dairy cows.
J. de Souza
Long-term effects of C16:0 supplementation on production responses of lactating dairy cows.
J. de Souza
Altering the ratio of dietary C16:0 and cis-9 C18:1 modifies the fatty acid profile of plasma lipid fractions and adipose tissue.
J. de Souza
Altering source of chelated trace minerals improves milk fat in commercial dairy.
H. Tucker
Comparison of ruminal bacterial communities in dairy herds of different production.
N. Indugu
Evaluation of solubles syrup from microbially enhanced soy protein production as a supplement for growing dairy heifers.
J. L. Anderson
Dairy heifer growth performance when fed hydroponically grown barley sprouts.
R. D. Lawrence
The effects of feeding rations that differ in neutral detergent fiber and starch within a day on the daily pattern of selected rumen microbial populations.
I. J. Salfer
Acute high-grain challenge triggers a hepatic inflammatory response and alteration of lipid metabolism in Holstein but not Jersey cows.
T. Xu
Assessing potentially digestible NDF and energy content of canola meal from twelve Canadian crushing plants over four production years.
E. M. Paula
Implications of rumen inoculation on the ruminal bacterial populations in dairy cows with diet induced milk fat depression.
N. Indugu
Effects of varying prepartum DCAD and calcium concentrations on pre- and postpartum body weight, intake, milk yield and milk composition.
A. L. Diehl
Comparing selected corn grains using in vitro starch digestion or gas production.
D. R. Mertens
Steam explosion of corn stover: Saccharification, fermentation, and microbial colonization in rumen of dairy cows.
S. Zhao
Effects of clay on ruminal degradability of alfalfa hay, grass hay, wet brewer’s grains, ground corn, corn silage, and soybean meal.
M. E. Weatherly
Effective fiber for lactating dairy cows: A physically adjusted NDF (paNDF) system.
P. J. Kononoff
Effects of virginiamycin supplementation on milk yield and its composition in high-producing dairy cows.
R. Almeida
Evaluation of chemical composition and in vitro protein and fiber digestibility of corn dried distillers grains with solubles originating from seven sources.
E. Dufour
Effects of DHA and ARA on performance, nutrient metabolism, and activation of the immune system in Holstein heifers.
K. E. Olagaray
Maternal ethyl-cellulose rumen-protected methionine supplementation alters blood biomarkers and immune function in neonatal Holstein calves.
A. S. Alharthi