Abstract #T254

# T254
Original XPC and NutriTek increase volatile fatty acid production in an in vitro rumen model on forage samples from various global regions.
C. Reedy*1, T. Kwan1, T. Werner1, J. Butler1, I. Yoon1, 1Diamond V, Cedar Rapids, IA.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of 2 Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation products - Diamond V Original XPC (XPC) and NutriTek (NutriTek) - on in vitro VFA production on forage samples from various global regions. Twelve different forage samples were collected from 4 regions: Europe [haylage (H EU) and grass silage (GS EU)]; Russia [corn silage (CS RU), grass haylage (GH RU), and alfalfa haylage (AH RU)]; China [corn silage (CS CN), sweet corn stalk silage (SCS CN), and sheep grass (SG CN)]; and US [Iowa corn silage (CS1 US), New York corn silage (CS2 US), alfalfa haylage (AH US), and alfalfa hay (A US)]. Serum bottles (100 mL) containing 0.3 g forage and treatment (Control, XPC, or NutriTek) were inoculated with buffered rumen fluid and incubated for up to 24 h. Seven experiments were performed to generate 10 replicates per treatment, diet, and time point. Data were analyzed using the GLM model of JMP and significance was defined as P ≤ 0.05. Percent increases in acetate (A), propionate (P), butyrate (B), and total VFA (T) concentrations are reported in Table 1. Significant treatment effects were observed in all forage samples tested within 24 h with few exceptions indicated with asterisk (*). In conclusion, XPC enhanced in vitro VFA production over Control on majority of forage samples tested. NutriTek further enhanced VFA production over XPC on the same range of forage samples. Table 1. Percent increases of VFA by XPC and NutriTek
XPC over ControlNutriTek over XPC
H EU5.810.
GS EU11.617.*6.73.9*3.5
CS RU6.2*14.2*4.5*9.2*
GH RU12.513.26.512.27.410.86.28.7
AH RU5.7*8.1*4.5*9.2*13.320.39.614.8
CS CN6.9*9.411.86.88.717.910.910.6
SG CN11.216.011.811.310.218.411.514.4
CS1 US3.6*33.83.9*12.611.325.514.417.0
CS2 US7.830.513.015.82.9**
A US7.611.

Key Words: XPC, NutriTek, forage