ADSA Dairy Foods Graduate Student Poster Competition

Section: ADSA Dairy Foods Poster Competition (Graduate)
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Monday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Exhibit Hall B
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
Protein biopolymer molecular structure determined protein supply during gastrointestinal digestion.
N. Xu
Preparation of milk protein concentrates by ultrafiltration and continuous diafiltration: Effect of process design on overall efficiency.
C. Gavazzi-April
Influence of Bacillus spp. on microstructure, graininess, lipolysis and sensory properties of sour cream.
D. Mehta
Preliminary studies on the effect of cooling rate on lactose crystallization characteristics in deproteinized whey (DPW).
K. Pandalaneni
Preliminary studies on monitoring storage changes in milk protein concentrates using front-face fluorescence spectroscopy and chemometrics.
K. S. Babu
Sensory characteristics of Cheddar-type caprine milk cheeses supplemented with microencapsulated and normal ferrous sulfate.
A. Siddique
The influence of casein as a percentage of true protein on the physical and sensory properties of skim milk beverages.
N. Cheng
Components of procream and cream improve the viability of yogurt and probiotic bacteria.
B. Chinnasamy
Effect of pectin on digestion properties and β-carotene delivery of whey protein-stabilized emulsions.
Y. Tang
The effect of different solids concentration on the drying kinetics of whey protein concentrate.
H. N. Vora
Feasibility of soluble soybean polysaccharide for enhancing lactose crystallization during lactose manufacture.
V. Sunkesula
Improving emulsification properties of whey protein isolate by heating with pectin at near neutral pH.
Y. Wang
Level of Listeria cross contamination in ice cream mix can serve as a predictor of its overall risk from injured cells.
N. Neha
Reduction of Zygosaccharomyces parabailii in dairy-based salad dressings using different combinations of acidulants.
A. Meldrum
Maintaining high level of intact casein in Cheddar cheese during aging.
B. M. Riebel