Dairy Foods IV: Dairy Ingredients

Section: Dairy Foods
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Wednesday 9:30 AM–11:30 AM
Location: 329
Chair: Annie Bienvenue, US Dairy Export Council
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9:30 AM
#480 Formation of surface composition on spray-dried milk powder.
C. Selomulya
10:00 AM
#481 Influence of composition and microstructure on flowability and wetting behaviour of α-lactalbumin enriched whey protein ingredients.
G. Barone
10:15 AM
#482 WITHDRAWN at author's request
A. Fernandes de Carvalho
10:30 AM
#483 Effect of milk protein composition on in vitro digestion of a model infant formula.
N. R. Tari
10:45 AM
#485 Hydrogenation of lactose for the production of nutritive sweeteners.
S. Martínez-Monteagudo
11:00 AM
#486 Enzyme-triggered microcapsules to selectively color Cheddar cheese and obtain white whey powder.
R. Ravanfar
11:15 AM
#408 Effect of lactoferrin on metallic taste and immunity dysfunction induced by chemotherapy.
A. Wang