Ruminant Nutrition V

Section: Ruminant Nutrition
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Tuesday 2:00 PM–5:00 PM
Location: 318
Chair: Luiz Ferraretto, University of Florida
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
2:00 PM
#429 Production performance of high-producing Holstein cows consuming diets containing hulled or hull-less barley as the grain source in diets containing different forage to contcentrate ratios.
Y. Yang
2:15 PM
#430 Substitution of fall-grown oat forage for corn silage affects lactating dairy cow performance.
M. B. Hall
2:30 PM
#431 Effect of forage changes on the dynamic variation of the rumen fermentation in sheep.
X. Xie
2:45 PM
#432 Changes in ruminal redox potential and pH of lactating cows during a dietary transition.
Y. Huang
3:00 PM
#433 Impact of dietary starch concentration formulated with two types of corn silage on the performance of dairy cows.
J. I. Sanchez-Duarte
3:15 PM
#434 Effects of replacing corn with different levels of starch degradability with beet pulp as a source of soluble fiber on fermentation in continuous culture.
L. E. Koch
3:30 PM
#435 Starch degradability in combination with sugar alter fermentation in continuous culture.
L. E. Koch
3:45 PM
#436 Metabolic profile of Holstein heifers fed carinata meal.
K. Rodriguez-Hernandez
4:00 PM
#437 Milk production and composition of dairy cows fed hydroponic barley sprouts.
R. D. Lawrence
4:15 PM
#438 Efficacy of layer manure ash (LMA) byproduct in lactating dairy cow diets as a replacement for the buffering capacity of sodium bicarbonate.
M. D. Miller
4:30 PM
#439 Growth performance of dairy calves fed microbially enhanced soy protein in starter pellets with pasteurized milk.
N. D. Senevirathne
4:45 PM
#440 Dry period plane of energy and periparturient disease status: Effects on feed intake, energy balance, milk production, and milk composition.
A. Pineda