Forages and Pastures I

Section: Forages and Pastures
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Monday 9:30 AM–1:00 PM
Location: 329
Chair: Gonzalo Ferreira, Virginia Tech
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
9:30 AM
#68 ADSA®-SBZ Speaker Exchange Presentation: The acetyl bromide lignin method to quantify lignin and its implications with forage degradability.
R. S. Fukushima
10:00 AM
#69 Effects of wilting and molasses or inoculants additives on fermentation quality and nutritional value of round baled rice straw silages.
H. Zheng
10:15 AM
#70 Production and dry mater intake of dairy cows in mid lactation with different allocation time at grazing in lucerne (Medicago sativa).
A. Santana
10:30 AM
#71 Damascus goats grazing on Mediterranean brushland or fed Pistacia lentiscus have improved milk quality.
N. Argov-Argaman
10:45 AM
#72 The effect of the addition of hydrolysable tannins to alfalfa and red clover silages on performance and whole-tract digestibility in dairy cows.
C. E. A. Campbell
11:00 AM
#73 Relations between silage composition, its metabolome, and preference shown by goats.
R. Scherer
11:15 AM
#74 Modification of ruminal fermentation and methane production by adding legumes containing condensed tannins to an orchardgrass diet in continuous culture.
A. I. Roca-Fernandez
11:30 AM
#75 Effect of rehydrating and ensiling dry ground corn with varied concentrations of wet brewers grain on fermentation profile and ruminal in vitro starch digestibility.
L. F. Ferraretto
11:45 AM
#76 Development of a berry processing score for sorghum silage.
J. R. Johnson
12:00 PM
#77 Dual-flow continuous culture fermentation of organic BMR sorghum-sudangrass and teff grass to determine digestibility of forages in an organic dairy grazing system.
K. J. Ruh
12:15 PM
#78 Effects of foliar fungicide on whole-plant BMR and floury corn varieties at vegetative tassel and reproductive stages of growth.
M. E. Weatherly
12:30 PM
#79 Influence of plant population, hybrid relative maturity, and cutting height on yield, nutrient content, and digestibility in whole-plant corn forage.
L. F. Ferraretto
12:45 PM
#80 Forage herbage mass and quality of two different cover cropping systems for grazing organic dairy steers.
B. J. Heins