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Less is more: Omproving starter cultures to bring out the best in yogurt.
E. Johansen*1, 1Chr. Hansen A/S, Hørsholm, Denmark.

Consumers have a strong preference for foods with a minimum of artificial ingredients. This poses a challenge to the dairy industry because commercial yogurt varieties often contain ingredients which enhance the organoleptic properties of the yogurt. For example sugar or artificial sweeteners may be added to increase sweetness and thickening agents may be used to create the desired texture. In addition, some consumers avoid yogurt due to its fat content or the presence of lactose which can lead to discomfort in individuals with lactose intolerance. Research in our laboratories is directed toward addressing these perceived shortcomings by removing these additives/components through the use of starter cultures specifically developed to create the desired consumer experience. This concept that “Less is more” will be illustrated with several specific examples from our laboratories.

Key Words: yogurt, starter culture, clean label

Speaker Bio
Eric Johansen has a BSc and MSc in Genetics (University of Alberta) and a PhD in Microbiology (MIT). He has worked 28 years on the genetics of lactic acid bacteria and Bifidobacterium at Chr Hansen A/S (www.chr-hansen.com) in Denmark. In his current role as Associate Vice President, Science, he is responsible for ensuring the products of the company are backed by a high level of science. This involves technology scouting and interacting with the scientific community as well as advising staff and management on scientific matters. Eric Johansen has published 38 papers and book chapters on lactic acid bacteria and probiotics and is inventor on numerous patents and patent applications.