Reproduction 1

Section: Reproduction (posters)
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Wednesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Exhibit Hall A
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The association between serum anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) concentration and fertility, and genomic heritability and genome-wide associations for serum AMH in Irish dairy cows.
S. Butler
Association between milk yield and fertility by health status during early lactation.
P. Pinedo
Use of Zn2+ chelators to improve bovine artificial oocyte activation.
V. Negron-Perez
Effects of nerve growth factor-β added to extenders for cryopreservation of electro-ejaculated and epididymal harvested bull semen.
F. S. Lima
Phenotyping the expression of estrus behavior in dairy cows using novel heat detection technology.
F. G. Kumro
Characterizing estrus behavior in Holstein heifers based on an ear-attached movement sensor.
J. E. Carrelli
Ano-genital distance as a possible indicator of embryo yield and viability in superovulated Holstein cows—A preliminary report.
I. Rajesh
Effects of fully-acidified, negative DCAD diets with differing concentrations of dietary calcium fed prepartum on the dominant follicle of the first follicular wave after parturition and pregnancy in Holstein cows.
A. Guadagnin
Effects of parity, season and region on fertility of lactating dairy cows submitted to a Double-Ovsynch protocol for first timed-AI.
R. Mur-Novales
Association between reproductive efficiency of heifers and their reproductive performance as lactating cows.
B. Mion
Length of follicular and luteal phase is associated with estrous expression.
A. M. L. Madureira
Transcriptome of corpus lutea in pregnant and nonpregnant cows at late diestrus.
J. F. W. Spricigo
Associations between maternal characteristics and health, survival, and performance of heifers.
C. Aboujaoude
The reproductive and economic impact among 6 reproductive programs for lactating dairy cows including a sensitivity analysis of the cost of hormonal treatments.
A. Ricci