MILK symposium: Improving Milk Production, Quality, and Safety in Developing Countries

Section: MILK Symposium: Improving Milk Production, Quality, and Safety in Developing Countries (Invitation Only)
Day/Time: Wednesday 2:00 PM–5:30 PM
Location: Room 206
Chair: Geoffrey Dahl, University of Florida
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
2:00 PM
Opening Remarks
Dr. Adegbola Adesogan, University of Florida
2:00 PM   Recorded
#509 The importance of milk in the diets of infants, pregnant women, adolescents and adults.
D. I. Givens
2:30 PM   Recorded
#510 Foodborne diseases from dairy products in developing countries: hazards and health implications.
A. H. Havelaar
3:00 PM   Recorded
#511 Subclinical mastitis prevalence, causative pathogens and risk factors in small dairy holders linked to milk collection centers in Rwanda.
J. B. Ndahetuye
3:15 PM   Recorded
#512 A technology package for the control of mastitis in dairy animals at smallholder farmer level.
K. Sah
3:30 PM
4:00 PM   Recorded
#513 Interventions towards improving the microbiological quality of traditional yogurt in Borana pastoral communities, Ethiopia.
K. Amenu
4:15 PM   Recorded
#514 Effects of ration formulation on the performance of dairy animals in Nepal.
B. Shrestha
4:30 PM   Recorded
#515 Improving milk production on market-oriented dairy farms in Sri Lanka.
D. Vyas
4:45 PM
#516 “More milk, please!” Does increased milk consumption lead to better child growth and development in rural Nepal?
L. Miller
5:00 PM   Recorded
#517 Sustainability of dairy production in developing countries.
J. M. Tricarico