ADSA Foundation Scholar and Ruminant Nutrition: Dietary Methyl Donor Supplementation and Hepatic Health in Transition Dairy Cows

Section: Ruminant Nutrition (orals)
Day/Time: Wednesday 2:00 PM–5:30 PM
Location: Room 232
Chair: Joseph McFadden, Cornell University
Sponsored by: Balchem Corporation
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2:00 PM
#529 ADSA Foundation Scholar Presentation (Production): Influencing hepatic metabolism: Can fatty acids and methyl donors modulate nutrient partitioning to support metabolic health in the transition dairy cow?
H. White
2:45 PM   Recorded
#530 Methyl donor metabolism and nutrition in the transition dairy cow: Should we consider fatty acid nutrition simultaneously?
J. W. McFadden
3:15 PM   Recorded
#531 Potential impacts of betaine supplementation on dairy cattle during the transition period and under heat stress.
S. Tao
4:00 PM   Recorded
#532 Folic acid and vitamin B12 requirements of mature cows: Importance of endogenous production of methyl donors from the one-carbon pool.
C. L. Girard
4:45 PM   Recorded
#533 Methionine supplementation during the transition period: Fine-tuning immunometabolism.
Z. Zhou