Milk Protein and Enzymes: Don’t Have a Cow—Plant Proteins, Bovine Protein Expression, and Milk Humanization

Section: Milk Protein and Enzymes
Day/Time: Tuesday 9:30 AM–12:30 PM
Location: Room 232
Chair: David Everett, AgResearch, New Zealand
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9:30 AM   Recorded
#306 The dairy matrix—Bioaccessibility of nutrients and physiological effects.
S. L. Turgeon
10:00 AM   Recorded
#307 Functionality, bioactivity, and structure of bovine and plant proteins.
H. Patel
10:30 AM   Recorded
#308 Sustainability of dairy product production on a protein basis.
Y. Wang
11:00 AM
11:15 AM   Recorded
#309 Humanization of bovine milk using modern genetic technologies.
G. Laible
11:45 AM   Recorded
#310 Taking a page out of nature: Catering to the future of proteins.
B. Oommen
12:15 PM
Moderated discussion