Abstract #M74

# M74
Effect of delactose permeate fraction addition and direct acidification on low moisture part skim mozzarella composition.
D. Grossbier*1, T. Schoenfuss1, 1University of Minnesota, St Paul, MN.

The dairy industry is interested in finding value-added uses for low value co-products of cheese manufacturing. Nanofiltered delactose permeate (DLPF) is one such product where lactose is further reduced from delactose cheese permeate, leaving higher milk mineral concentrations. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of this ingredient on the composition of direct-acidified low moisture part-skim mozzarella (LMPS). LMPS was produced in duplicate (~3 mo apart) by direct acidification using lactic, acetic, and citric acids at pH 5.6 and 5.4. Each batch was equally split and dry salted to achieve a salt equivalent of 1.8 (control) and 1.2% (reduced sodium). An additional split was made of the reduced sodium LMPS to which DLPF was incorporated as a hot brine during plasticization. Gross compositional analyses including: solids, fat, and ash were performed in duplicate. Multivariate Analysis of Variance using XLSTAT (Addinsoft Inc., New York, NY) was performed. Overall, DLPF treatments had lower solids and fat. Control treatments were significantly higher in ash (3.04%) than reduced sodium (2.34%) and the DLPF treatments (2.34%). With the exception of the lactic and acetic acid treatments at pH 5.6, all other DLPF treatments had significantly lower solids than non-DLPF treatments. When LMPS was manufactured using lactic or citric acid, DLPF incorporation resulted in significantly lower fat contents of the cheese. However, DLPF treatment did not affect fat contents when acetic acid was used as acidulant. Furthermore, when assessing fat on a solids basis, no differences were seen with both the acetic and lactic acid DLPF treatments and all non-DLPF treatments. Maintaining fat retention and adequate moisture is critical for profitability. The use of DLPF in acetic acid direct acidification was found to increase moisture retention while not affecting fat content. Further research should focus on effects of DLPF on LMPS sensory and functionality.

Key Words: mozzarella, cheese, permeate