Poster Presenters Starting with M

Note: The presenter list is created directly and automatically from the submitted abstracts. If a presenter’s name is typed differently on multiple abstracts, the entries in this list will reflect those discrepancies. Efforts have been made to make this list consistent; however, error from author entry contributes to inaccuracies.

Ma, Yizhou B.
Ma, Zhengxin
Madureira, A. M. L.
Madureira, Augusto
Manriquez, D.
Manriquez, Diego
Mao, Huiling
Marins, Thiago N.
Martineau, Isaac
Martinez, Gabriela Marcela
Martínez-Cortés, Ismael
Martino, Cameron
Martins, J. P. N.
Masello, Magdalena
Masía, Fernando
Matamoros, Cesar I.
Mathias, Amanda J.
Matsuba, Takashi
Mayo, Lauren M.
McArt, Jessica
McFadden, Joseph W.
McKay, Z. C.
Medina Villacis, Marlene L.
Melendez, Pedro
Melgar, A.
Méndez, Maria N.
Menichetti, B. T.
Merrill, Caitlin E.
Miley, Katherine
Miller, Michael D.
Minela, Thaina
Mitchell, Lucas K.
Miyagusuku-Cruzado, Gonzalo
Moaeen-ud Din, Muhammad
Moaeen-ud-Din, Muhammad
Molina, Maria P.
Moncur, Victoria S.
Monge, J. L.
Monteiro, Hugo F.
Moore, Spencer A. E.
Moore, Sydney M.
Moorman, Allison
Moppert, Ian
Mora-Gutierrez, Adela
Morris, Dennis L.
Morrison, Emma I.
Morrison, Sarah Y.
Motawee, Mahmoud
Motawee, Mahmoud M.
Mulakala, Bharath Kumar
Mulchay, Hayley L.
Mullins, Israel
Muñiz-Cruz, J. M.
Murtaza, Mian S.
Myers, J. S.
Myers, William A.