Dairy Foods I: Chemistry

Section: Dairy Foods
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Monday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Exhibit Hall B
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Dry heat treatment affects solubility, whey protein denaturation, and soluble aggregates formation in nonfat dry milk.
K. Schmidt
Rapid determination of lactulose in heat-treated milk using ultraperformance convergence chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry.
J. Q. Wang
Characterization of microdomains in bovine milk phospholipid monolayers that contain GM3 and GD3 gangliosides.
L. Real Hernandez
Effect of caprine casein in combination with arabinogalactan on the chemical stability of lutein in corn oil-in-water emulsions.
A. Mora-Gutierrez
Lipidomics approach reveals integrated triglycerides profiles associated with different thermal treatments on dairy cow milk.
Y. Zhang
Evaluation of electrical bioimpedance spectroscopy for detection of milk adulteration—Preliminary results.
E. A. Veiga
Adulterants interference on Fourier-transform Infrared analysis of raw milk.
L. M. Fonseca
Effect of extraction conditions on the extraction efficiency for the HS-SPME-GC/MS analysis of volatile compounds in Turkish white cheese using central composite rotatable design.
P. Salum
Sodium reduction and flavor enhancers addition in probiotic Prato cheese: Effect on the probiotic survival and functionality, proteolysis, antioxidant and angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory activity.
H. Silva
Influence of sodium reduction and flavor enhancer addition on fatty acid profile of probiotic Prato cheese.
H. Silva
Effect of sodium reduction and flavor enhancers addition on the availability of minerals from probiotic Prato cheese during ripening and storage.
H. Silva
Micro-vesicles in milk: Identification and characterization of exosomes, ectosomes and small MFGM particles.
J. Ortega-Anaya
Hydrogen and methane in biogas from anaerobic digestion of manure and whey mixtures.
D. J. McMahon
Economic feasibility of anaerobic digestion for treating manure and whey from small-scale dairy farm combined with artisan cheese making.
D. J. McMahon