Dairy Foods I: Dairy Products

Section: Dairy Foods
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Monday 2:00 PM–3:45 PM
Location: 331
Chair: Zeynep Ustunol, Michigan State University
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2:00 PM
#212 Impact of pasture versus indoor feeding systems on quality characteristics, nutritional composition, sensory and volatile properties of full-fat Cheddar cheese.
C. Stanton
2:15 PM
#213 Feeding reduced-fat dried distillers grains with solubles to lactating Holstein dairy cows does not negatively influence quality of baby Swiss cheese.
E. D. Testroet
2:30 PM
#215 Chemical and sensory characteristics of Chanco cheese from dairy cows supplemented with olive oil and partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.
E. Vargas-Bello-PĂ©rez
2:45 PM
#217 Determination of native lactoferrin in milk using HiTrap Heparin HP column coupled with HPLC.
J. Q. Wang
3:00 PM
#218 Development and quality enhancement of cottage-type cheese made from Nili Ravi buffalo postpartum milk (colostrum).
S. Inayat
3:15 PM
#219 Flavor profile of UHT conjugated linoleic acid-enriched milk based on headspace solid-phase microextraction coupled to gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.
S. Martinez-Monteagudo
3:30 PM
#216 Evaluation of electrical bioimpedance spectroscopy in estimate the milk composition, SCC, and milk ethanol stability—Preliminary results.
C. M. M. R. Martins