Breeding and Genetics I: Fertility and Efficiency

Section: Breeding and Genetics
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Monday 2:00 PM–5:00 PM
Location: 317
Chair: Christine Baes, CGIL, University of Guelph
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
2:00 PM
#200 Genetic dissection of bull fertility in dairy cattle.
Francisco Pe├▒agaricano
2:15 PM
#201 Predicting bull fertility using genomic data and biological information.
F. Pe├▒agaricano
2:30 PM
#202 Evaluation of conception rates of sex-sorted semen in commercial dairy farms over the last five years.
C. Heuer
2:45 PM
#203 Simulating the underlying variation in fertility: Combining physiology and genetics.
N.A. Dennis
3:00 PM
#204 Estimating epistatic and dominance genetic variances for fertility and reproduction traits in Canadian Holstein cattle.
K. Alves
3:15 PM
#205 Discovery of a haplotype affecting fertility in Ayrshire dairy cattle and identification of a putative causal variant.
D. J. Null
3:30 PM
#206 Predictions for workability and reproductive traits using two-step and single-step genomic BLUP in Canadian Holsteins.
A. R. Guarini
3:45 PM
#207 Value of thermal images as predictors of feed conversion efficiency in New Zealand Friesian dairy cattle.
M. Camara
4:00 PM
#208 Determining the economic value for efficiency traits.
C. Richardson
4:15 PM
#209 Preliminary genomic predictions of feed saved for 1.4 million Holsteins.
P. M. VanRaden
4:30 PM
#210 Breeding strategies for improving feed efficiency in Holstein cattle using ZPLAN+.
K. Houlahan
4:45 PM
#211 A comparison of feed intake, production, body condition score, body weight, and frame size of ProCROSS crossbred versus Holstein cows during the first 150 days of first lactation.
B. N. Shonka-Martin