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Dale Bauman Symposium–The early years at the University of Illinois.
J. P. McNamara*1, 1McNamara Research in Agriculture Firm, Pullman, WA.

From the ending of the “age of pathway biochemistry” to the beginnings of “nutritional physiology,” the 1970s was a dynamic and fertile time for biochemistry, nutrition, physiology, and animal sciences research. Likely even more so, in the animal and dairy sciences there was a well-recognized need for basic biology research on all facets of animal metabolism to help explain and improve the practical farm situation and food production. The young scientists of the day, including Ransom Baldwin V, Allen Tucker, Don Beitz, Don Palmquist, Dale Bauman, Jerry Young (to name a few), concentrated on unravelling the metabolic and physiological pathways of the rumen and the body organs and their nutritional and endocrine control in support of lactation. A natural and sequential timeline starting with discovery of bio-hydrogenation of fatty acids in the rumen and their (predicted) effect on milk fat synthesis; the discovery of variations in pathways of fatty acid biosynthesis in the rumen, adipose, liver and mammary glands; continuing on to the definition of control of enzyme transcription and translation in metabolism and low milk fat syndrome; induced lactation and the ideal combination of steroid and protein hormones in the control of mammary development and ‘ending’ with the foundational discovery of reciprocal control of anabolic and catabolic pathways in the mammary gland and adipose tissue during late pregnancy and parturition. The theme of the research was on defining not just the pathways but the complex control on enzymes, pathways and organs leading to support of the dominant physiology state, a now fully integrated concept defined as homeorhesis, to close the decade. Essential and inseparable from the outstanding science was the human respect, collegiality and downright fun that research was in that time and place.

Key Words: Bauman, metabolism, homeorhesis

Speaker Bio
John McNamara is Professor Emeritus of Animal Sciences at Washington State University and Owner and Manager of McNamara Research in Agriculture Firm.  He earned his BS and MS degrees at the University of Illinois with Dale Bauman and others.   He conducted a 33 year research and teaching career at WSU.  He was a considered a leader in research of control of metabolims and metabolic modelling in dairy cattle and in lactating sows.  He was a well respected teacher and develeped novel courses in Companion Animal Nutrition and Management which were used as a template for several new courses across the country.  His original textbook "Principles of Companion Animal Nutrition" is being used in several universities.  He has advised and graduated several hundreds of students over those year.  He has been recognised with the WSU Colleg of Agriculture and Home Economics with the Outstanding Junior Scientist (1990) and Advising Awards (2006); the Washington Science Teachers Association Higher Education Teacher of the Year (2003); the ADSA Young Scientist (1992); Zoetis Physiology Award (2015); the ASAS Corbin Award in Companion Animal Biology (2007); and has been selected as a Fellow of the ADSA (2012) and the ASAS (2016),  one of a very few who have been so honored as a Fellow of both societies.