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Introduction: Contributions of Dale E. Bauman to the world of dairy science.
R. McGuffey*1, 1McGuffey Consulting, Indianapolis, IN.

Dr. Dale E. Bauman is recognized internationally for his significant contributions to the understanding of the biology of the dairy cow.His research began with reciprocal activites of enzymes in mammary and adipose tissues with stage of lactation. He introduced the term homeorhesis which described the coordination of actions of organs and glands for utilization of nutrients for maintenance and productive functions. Work with somatoropin and lipids opened the window to understanding milk and milk fat synthesis. He was the first member of ADSA to be elected to the National Academy of Science. Perhaps Dr. Bauman”s greatest contribution has been in the training of graduate students who have gone into highly productive careers in dairy science. Our 3 speakers all whom trained wth Dale will review his scientific contributions from the late 1960s to date.

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Dr. Ken McGuffey has been a member of ADSA since 1970. He has served as a Director and President of the ADSA Board. He also served on the boards of ADSA Foundation and FASS and was a member of the first board for the Discover Conference.