Interviews at ADSA 2017

Employers can reserve blocks of time in room 336 during ADSA 2017 to conduct interviews with prospective employees. The room is available Monday to Wednesday from 8 am to 5 pm. Please review the participating employers and the days and times they have reserved below.

Milk Specialties Global

Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition is recognized for innovative and science-based products that offer proven benefits to the dairy industry. We are one of the largest providers of functional fats and are led by our flagship brand and top-selling product Energy Boosterâ„¢, as well as milk replacer products and dairy ingredients.

Please either call Jessica Johnshoy at 612-499-7000 or Dacia Liszka at (612)772-4205 to schedule an interview. We look forward to hearing from you!

Phone: 612-772-4205


Reserved Times:
Monday 2:00-3:00
Monday 3:00-4:00
Tuesday 10:00-11:00
Tuesday 11:00-12:00
Tuesday 2:00-3:00
Wednesday 9:00-10:00

Zinpro Europe

Zinpro ( is a global company, leading the feeding industry in regards to trace mineral expertise. Our plan is to keep moving forward maintaining the highest levels of ethics, with the goal of improving our cows, the farmers life and profits and the animal production industry. We look for a PhD motivated cow-loving nutritionist that likes the challenge. Here is the position title DAIRY NUTRITIONIST EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST & NORTHERN AFRICA, RUSSIA

The best is if you contact me by email or phone to make it more efficient or provide me with your email. I will try to arrange a slot convenient for both of us. I have reserved a couple of hours in case somebody would prefer to walk in! Hope to see you soon Thanks a lot! Otherwise,

Phone: +34687287496


Reserved Times:
Monday 8:00-9:00
Tuesday 1:00-2:00